Printing and plotter cutting

Thnaks to years of experience we are able to adapt our offer to the market needs. Whether you need wedding invitations, diplomas for business partners, or thousands of publications, we are able to meet your expectations. We give a great importance to the print quality, colour reproduction and to the details of design. But after all we care about deadlines.


In our company, we understand that not everyone has to be an expert in ordering leaflets or business cards.  When you order you can always chose:


A method of printing,


Size and thickness of paper


  • type  of paper
  • size of printed design
  • and a lot of more

 We do our best to satisfy your needs and not waste your valuable time. We will gladly help and advise you in order to maintain the maximal level of your satisfaction with our job.


On the other hand, if you have your own professionally made project, we will do our best to print it in its original form and to maintain it perfectly copied.


Our most common works:

  • business cards
  • leaflets
  • posters
  • invitations
  • diplomas

We are not afraid of using modern techniques. Many of our works we cover with the selective varnish and we  print them on unusual surfaces such as plastic or coloured paper or decorated paper.


If you are looking for professional solutions that are available not only for professionals and you are searching for the best quality and reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to send as a question.


We also print films for exposures. Thanks to the our RIP software we can provide you with printed films for colour separations and grayscale.


Ploter cutting

In our machine park we have two plotter cutters from the reputable belgian company: summa.


The first one with a working breadth of 75 cm has an active head it has the best cutting quality which is present on the market. Small letters cut of any foil you need aren’t a problem for us.


The other one with working breadth of 120cm + allows us to cut larger projects, but is also able to do more demanding works.


We constantly replace blades in our plotters, so our cut designs have sharp edges and are ideal for further processing.


We cut foils for individual customers (words, numbers, designs) and for other companies and advertising agencies.


Our cutting plotters have a system that gives unlimited possibilities of cutting stickers with irregular shapes and with many colours.


Everyday we are able to cut down hundreds of meters of foil and thanks to that time of the order fulfilment is short.


Thing that we cut commonly:

  • Economic, self-adhesive foils
  • Flex and flock foils
  • Large format printings
  • Reflective foil designs

Feel free to contact us.

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