Printed mugs

Printed mugs are very nice gadgets that will be great either as gift (mug with a photo or with your favorite picture) or as an excellent advertisement of your company.


We use technologies that allow us to realise a single piece order and also the massive ones, in a very short time and with a competitive price.

Printed mug, thanks to the materials of the highest quality that we use, will serve you well in your home / office, constantly reminding you about the printed design and serving you as a great advertisement.


Printed designs on mugs are realized by thermal sublimation method of which you can read more here.


One of the most important elements of our business is material which we use to print on. We have been testing the market and ordering a lot of samples of materials and searching for the perfect model of clothing. In stock we have t-shirts that suit to all of the sizes and styles for women, men and children. The fact that we have there thousands of t-shirts gives you a possibility of trying it on and has an influence on how fast the order will be fulfilled, especially when it comes to the most urgent cases.


We print on t-shirts of many companies but the most common are:

  • JHK
  • Gildan
  • Stedman
  • Fruit of the loom
  • Promostars

Moreover, we cooperate with leading suppliers of workwear, sportswear and the sewing factories. We are open to your suggestions. Our products have always the best quality, it’s the thing that you can be 100% sure of.

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