Plotter cutting, stickers

Standard price of the foil is 10PLN per meter.


We also offer the possibility of cutting stickers following the contour. This allows obtaining stickers in any shape. We can do the whole service for you, beginning with the design, then cutting it out and printing it on the material. In this case, you may send us an email with as much details of the stickers possible. Details like:

  • amount,
  • size
  • material on which the sticker will be glued (or any other information that will help us select you the type of foil)
  • and if you have it- the design


If you have your own large format printer shop, we can also cut of the assigned material. You have to send us a sticker’s design with the details about size and required amount. The width of foil will be also an useful information. We will send you a replay attaching a file in which will be added some essential markers to cut the foil properly.


We can also cut you some self-adhesive letters or images that can be used as:

  • an advertisement on the site,
  • office timetable,
  • painting pattern,
  • wall sticker,
  • etc. the only limit is your imagination!

Feel free to contact us.

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