DOOH advertising

In our offer you will also find a rich catalogue of outdoor advertising such as:

  • Car stickers and advertising decals
  • Advertising boards and banners with information.
  • spatial letters
  • Advertising panels

Advertisement is the most important aspect of running your own business.  Without advertisement it’s hard to gain new customers and this leads to a lack of profits. In practice, this means a mischance and the impossibility of creating a well-functioning business. Many young entrepreneurs are afraid to invest too much in the promotion of their companies. This fear is caused by the wrong believes that advertising is either expensive or ineffective. In practice, many low-cost methods can bringing fantastic effects. A very nice way of advertisement is also using car stickers and decals to make your company’s car more visible. Most companies have a car fleet. Simple vehicles are anonymous in the city traffic. However, decorated cars with specially designed materials with the name, address and the outline of your company are noticed every time clients see it on the street. It may interest hundreds of potential customers. Especially, when you drive your personalised car through a big city like Warsaw or Trójmiasto. The cost is not large and the effect of this advertising method can impress and bring to the owner a lot of advantages.


Another quite cheap way of advertisement is sticking the shop windows. Aesthetically designed advertisement can lure many potential customers. The most important thing is to attract someone’s attention when he’s passing by. If it's successful, it can bring a lot of advantages for the owner and his office becomes easy to find.


 Another good way to promote your business is to print banners and billboards. They are relatively inexpensive and they have an excellent quality and durability that you will enjoy for many years.


The above mentioned propositions of advertising are probably the best way to promote your new business. These two steps are the absolute minimum and are fundamental way to start building an excellent image of the company. When they will bring the expected results and the company will be strong enough on the market then you can think about a little bit more spectacular promotion in which our company 'Kadok' may also be involved.


An interesting offer may also be the spatial letters. Cut of XPS and installed by our technician will give you the best quality and show to your customers a great image of your company.


 A great supplement to the whole our DOOH offer are advertising panels. This is the widest spread advertisement in urban area. Modern, highlighted boxes help notice your company even on cloudy, rainy days or at night. It will surely impress your potential clients and attract their attention.

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