Bags, cushions, shopping bags

We can recommend you printings on bags from organic, BIO, polish production. Normally, these bags are made of a good quality, raw cotton and have a dimension of 40 × 38 cm. Normally big orders are made of cotton silk-screen printing. For individual pieces we use flex or solvent flex method.


These bags can be a great way to advertise our companies as they follow us every day in many places. It is visible and reusable.


For customers who are looking for cheaper and more elegant solution, we recommend paper bags. Normally, they are white but there is no problem to print on the different colour. In case of choosing paper bags, a minimal amount for order is 100 pieces and the printing is made only by screen printing method. Printing is durable and will persist as long as the bag.


Cushions are usually used as a decorative element of the room but they can also serve you as a nice and not expensive gift. Printing on the cushion can be colourful and the order starts just from one piece. We use materials that are very soft and nice and they are matte (not like other sellers’ that offer you a poor quality satin pillow). Sublimation printing is very durable and impalpable so this pillow can be successfully used as a pillow.


Cushion would be perfect as a gift for kids, for our beloved or even for a business partner.


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