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Cookies (cookie files) are pieces of IT data, particularly text files, which are stored on the devices of end users, allowing them to use a website effectively. Cookie files make it possible to identify the user’s device and to correctly display a website so that it is adjusted to the individual preferences of the user. Cookie files usually contain the name of a website from which they are sent, the time of their storage on an end user device and their unique number.



We use cookies to adjust the content of our website to suit the preferences of the user and to optimise the user experience. We also use the files to produce anonymous statistics that enable us to understand how users use our website, thanks to which we are able to improve the structure and content of the website; at the same time, we do not identify any user personally.



We use Google Analytics, a service from Google which allows the analysis of website visits. Google Analytics uses cookie files in order to allow a website to analyse website usage. For more information on the use of cookies by Google Analytics, please refer to the privacy policy for Google Analytics.



We use two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on a user's device until the user logs out of the website or shuts down the software. Persistent cookies are stored on devices for the period that has been specified in the cookie parameters or until the user removes them manually.



Personal data that are gathered by the use of cookies may be collected only to perform particular functions for the benefit of the user. The data are encrypted in a manner that makes it impossible for unauthorised parties to access them.


By default, the user’s software (a web browser) allows for the storage of cookie files. The user can change their web browser’s settings to block the automatic use of cookies or to receive notifications whenever a cookie file is sent to the user’s device. For further information on the possibilities regarding the use of cookies, please refer to the settings of your software (web browser). Limiting the use of cookies may affect some of the website’s functionalities.

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